Eyeline Video System

Eyeline Video System

Eyeline Video System is a closed circuit surveillance application
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Eyeline Video System is a closed circuit surveillance application. It lets you monitor and record from an unlimited number of cameras. Fortunately, not only local cameras are supported as the application can also connect to remote cams via URL.

Despite its multiple functions, the application is not difficult to use. Yet, some users may need at least to consult the help documentation before they can exploit all of its potential. The initial step is to configure the cameras to control. Also, if you are using multiple displays, you will need to attach each signal to the corresponding screen. In case you are using a single monitor, you can set an automatic loop through all the cameras. This way, you can have access to various video signals in real time. Fortunately, you can monitor your cameras even if you are not in front of the host computer because the program supports streaming video on the local network or the Internet.

Besides real-time monitoring, the application allows recording video from various cameras at the same time. What is more, you can also set the output format and video resolution according to your needs and available hardware. Another possibility is to schedule recording just during a definite time period. The recordings can be automatically sent to an FTP server or a network drive. In addition, you can set automatic deletion of old recordings when given conditions are met, for instance, when a drive is out of free space. It is a good thing that the program has a built-in player allowing you to browse through the recorded videos.

One of the most attractive features of this application is motion detection. It can detect any movement in front of any of the added cameras and trigger an alert. For example, you can have it send an e-mail with a snapshot attachment, execute a command or play an alarm sound. Unfortunately, WAV is the only format supported for audio alerts.

In general, Eyeline Video System is a useful surveillance tool. Bear in mind that although it is said to support an unlimited number of cameras, the actual number of cameras will depend on your computerĀ“s performance. The program may need some ancillary applications for other tasks, such as video conversion or disc burning. However, you should be careful to unselect these apps while installing Eyeline Video System if you do not need them.

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  • It supports an unlimited number of local and network cameras
  • It allows streaming video via local networks and the Internet
  • It allows scheduling recordings
  • It supports motion detection
  • It supports various video formats and resolutions


  • The installation package offers to download and install other applications
  • WAV is the only format supported for audio alarms
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